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Automation Consulting

We automate your entire software dev life cycle.

From defining the infrastructure to deploying the code, we help you reduce risk through automation. We specialize in CI/CD delivery pipelines built to the change management requirements of your business.

Our approach is to understand your business. We want to ensure we know your goals and constraints and can build a solution tailored to your needs.
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DevOps Mentoring

Along with helping your company implement automation, we work directly with your team to mentor them and develop their skills. The value to your team continues after our project is complete through the new skills and techniques they have learned.
“Garrett’s ability to analyse our Linux environment and tailor a solution that was scalable, while addressing many on-going pain points, provided us with an invaluable implementation that resulted in giant leaps in our approach to UNIX systems operations.”
Justin Kelly
UNIX and Storage Systems Administrator at The Australian Red Cross Blood Service
“In the world of automation, Garrett Honeycutt leads by example. He understands the tools, tech, mindset and philosophy to drive leading-edge automation. His workforce is very nimble and able to be flexible with our priorities.”
James Puellmann
Architect at a large media company
“Garrett Honeycutt was fantastic at understanding our business requirements and translating them into functioning code. He understood and respected our priorities: to build a sustainable solution and teach our team to maintain it. He and his team are experts in their craft.”
Manager at a large media company
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Custom Development

We develop custom automation solutions for your needs. We have over twenty years working with open source projects and know how to get the changes you need accepted and maintained upstream.
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Security Compliance

We have extensive experience working with clients that have regulatory compliance in the financial and gov spaces. We can help write policy and develop automated processes to ensure you are in compliance and stay there.
“Garrett Honeycutt and his team provided us with on-site training following a decision to implement Puppet for managing in our infrastructure. We were more than happy with the training provided, especially since Garrett was able to cater for an audience with varying degrees of previous Puppet experience, ranging from beginners with no experience to experts who had already been working with Puppet for some years."
Adrian Boughey
Architect at Sixt SE
“When I first saw Garrett Honeycutt give a configuration management presentation at an IT conference, I knew my organization needed his help. Our work with Tailored Automation helped me think about automation and our servers in new ways.”
Erik Swanson
Principal Systems Engineer, Seattle Children’s Hospital
“Working with Tailored Automation gives us access to professional, flexible and efficient software development talent. From the time Garrett and his team took over a critical Puppet module for us, the level of quality has gone up and has been maintained. Their strong project management experience helps us manage priorities and meet expectations around timelines. And our customers give us great feedback about the module.”
Sean Porter
CTO, Sensu
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Customized Training

We can provide your team with custom training for your work flows and software development life cycle. We have been training for ten years across the globe. Your team will leave with a true understanding of the materials and be able to contribute to your development and operational efforts.

All of our training is built around the idea of “learning by doing” so each idea will have a corresponding activity where we actually do something.

No boring lectures here. We have a set three-day course, Introduction to Puppet, which is suitable for anyone with previous systems administration experience. We cover how Puppet works, both conceptually and technically, and dive right in to writing code. You will leave this class confident in your ability to begin automating systems with Puppet.

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Monitoring with Sensu

Tailored Automation is a Sensu Partner. We maintain the Puppet module for Sensu and can help you with your Sensu environment or migrating to Sensu.

Read more about the Puppet module or getting partner status with Puppet from Tailored Automation (previously LearnPuppet).

“I’ve hired Garrett Honeycutt and his firm at two different companies to supply both training and Puppet consulting. He has a widespread knowledge of technologies that allows him to consider many possible solutions, and, ultimately, identify the best-fit solution for the situation.”
Maximillian Mayer
Manager at global travel company
“Garrett Honeycutt grasped what we needed extremely quickly and was able to implement high-quality solutions even faster. His firm produces work that is adaptable, that you can continue using. They gave us the Puppet knowledge we needed, along with a plethora of extra tools and training necessary for managing open source implementations.”
Heinz Grossklaus
Sr. Engineer at global automotive manufacturing company
“Tailored Automation supplies a skill set and level of expertise that’s hard to find. Garrett Honeycutt jump-started our Agile implementation, and we brought his company back for help with building CI/CD pipelines and automated testing.”
Shawn Hall
Director, Kinney Group, Inc.
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“Garrett was our instructor for an on-site Puppet Master training class. He was very approachable, and quite knowledgeable on the topics covered. He also clearly has a passion for open source — issues encountered by students during the training led Garrett to open at least a few different bug reports or enhancement requests in the Puppet Labs Redmine issue tracking system, fostering further adoption of the open source community with the students. The class was quite a success due to his expertise.”
Robert Clark
Unix Systems Administrator from a large gaming company
“I worked with Garrett when he appointed as our Puppet Architect. He really did great job. Without his experiences, the team in Shanghai was not that easily meeting the project deadline. He helped us with puppet module refactor and implemented in large scale environment. In the mean while, he provided us training. He has good leadership and nice to people. I highly recommend to work with him.”
Alex Tu
Service Operations Manager at Ericsson in Shanghai